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12/31/08 03:24 pm - miharu

Hey guys, who wants to be a maintainer?

8/10/07 07:07 pm - r3dh3adfromh311

Hello there! I am new to this area, I used to live in Northern CA. My husband and I are both Vegetarians and we are searching for places to find good food, so I'm happy to find this community.

Does anyone here work for Abbott in Temecula by any chance? Or are any of you from Temecula at all? Thanks!

<3 Ashley

5/31/07 02:50 pm - miharu - Finally, the IE is for the cool kids.

Hey everyone! I'll just ignore the sound of crickets...

You all had better haul your asses to the Sea Shepherd Art Show in Riverside on June 16th. Click on the link for more details, and I'll see you there!

2/4/06 12:08 pm - miharu - Jamba Juice

Hi everyone. I don't know how many of you out there are as in love with Jamba Juice as I am, but I thought I'd give this a crack.

( Jamba Juice Vegan Letter Writing Campaign )

2/4/06 12:07 pm - miharu - Mod Post

Okay, so practically all of the posts are by the mod - whatever. ;p

I made a few changes to the community info, if anyone wants to take a look.

2/3/06 11:45 am - miharu - Review: Veggie Era - Upland

Oh man, Veggie Era. I can still taste the goodness.

( This is totally a fake LJ cut. )

1/30/06 11:24 am - miharu - Review: Native Foods - Costa Mesa

If you guys don't mind, I'm going to gush here a little bit about Native Foods in Costa Mesa.

A little bit of yummy love.Collapse )

1/27/06 06:23 pm - miharu - Native Foods - Costa Mesa

I don't know how your holidays were, but our Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving Buffet at Native Foods was awesome and well worth the price tag. Looks like the Palm Desert location just got an article and review in The Press-Enterprise as well.

Check out this hawt cut.Collapse )

1/27/06 06:20 pm - miharu - Veggie Era - Upland

Hey everyone. Looks like Veggie Panda Wok changed its name and it got a neat article and review in The Press-Enterprise.

Cut for your TL;DRness.Collapse )

2/1/05 02:27 pm - vivalasvacas

Hey, I can't believe I forgot to post these!

Veggie Panda Wok is a fantastic vegan Chinese fast-food restaurant. They're located in Upland, in the shopping center on the corner of Foothill and San Antonio (903 West Foothill Blvd; 909-982-3882). They're not really like.. fast food, it's made to order but it's absolutely delicious and quick. They have tons of stuff, your favorite Chinese entrees done a la veg*n style. They also have some sandwiches, pies, cakes and cookies. I highly reccommend their garlic beef and tempeh. Everything is delicious but I like the garlic beef lots. =D Open from 11-9 (except Mondays they're closed) and Sundays at 4-9. Decently priced, but expect to spend about $10 for dinner. They also have lunch specials that include an entree, rice, and soup if you stay to eat it there for $5.33 after tax.

The Press is a veg*n friendly place in downtown Claremont (129 Harvard, 909-625-4808). They're open everyday for lunch and dinner except Mondays only for dinner. All of their soups of vegetarian, most vegan, unless noted. They have amazing delicious entrees. Moderately priced, cause it's a nice little restaurant.

Veggie and Tea House is in San Dimas, off the 210 freeway. It's so nice, delicious and good priced. They have caloric counts for their entrees and you get your rice served in a little wooden box! They even grow their own veggies. I believe their correct address is 641 Arrow Highway in San Dimas. They also have one in Palm Desert and one in Irvine, but the Irvine one is temporarily closed.

Orean is the most amazing vegetarian fast-food take out. Ever. They've got everything. It's awesome. Their website is http://www.oreanshealthexpress.com and they're just off Lake Blvd from the 210. Take it north and it's right by a Roscoe's, KFC and McDonald's, haha.
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